Monday, October 19, 2009

Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury

My mission to find a 2004-2006 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury was finally accomplished. I found a very clean-looking 2005 LS430 UL located in Oklahoma City, OK at John Vance Autos. The car was listed on AutoTrader, Ebay, and After some lengthy discussions with the expert sales staff, I decided to make the trip.

I used my frequent flyer miles from Delta Airlines and booked a roundtrip flight to Oklahoma City. Took an early flight so that I could use the roundtrip ticket if the car didn't check out. The dealer provided a free shuttle (30min drive) to their lot. When i arrived at the dealer, i saw the LS sitting there. I was amazed at how clean it was. I first thought this was NOT the car, but it was. I did a physical inspection and then a 20min drive. The car looked great, felt good and then the paperwork was completed. The staff at John Vance was great. I'm glad we did business and this car was exactly what i wanted.

The next step in the search was returning home. The trip was about 650 miles from Oklahoma City to Huntsville, AL. I left around 2 pm and made it home at 1 am. It was a long drive, but didn't seem so bad sitting behind this luxo-cruiser.

Problems about this car:

On the drive home the Radar Cruise Control stopped working suddenly. I knew immediately what the problem was, as many ClubLexus members have posted problems with the PCS System. Looks like there issue was with the ECU located behind the passenger glove box. This part, MSRP $778.17 from Lexus, has been re-designed by Denso. The original part is prone to failure, so my cruise stopped working at 250miles into the trip home.