Friday, December 2, 2011

My Photograph Appears on Sierra Wireless Website

While working on a project for Bentley Systems, I captured several images at a local electric substation. One of these images was used on a post I made in Bentley's User Forum (called Be Communities). The topic was on Smart Grid and the photo was used to support my editorial comments.

Anyway, while researching modems used in SCADA and substations, I came across Sierra Wireless' website. Scrolling down the page... I recognized the image (circled on the screenshot below). Flattering... but would like to see recognition too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lexus CHECK PCS SYSTEM error message is a global problem

Over the last several years I've had several emails from people around the world interested in how to properly diagnose their "Check PCS" problem. Most people have indicated that they had to replace the ECU, others seemed to have an intermittent problem with the power feed (alternator) or condition of the plexiglass cover. Regardless, this issue has been reported by owners all Lexus vehicles with the Denso Pre-Collision System offered in several models including: Lexus LS430, Lexus IS250, and others. If equipped with PCS, anticipate a problem at some point.

Location of Lexus owners experiencing problems with the Pre Collision System found on Lexus cars including the LS430 and IS250.

If you have this problem with your Lexus/Toyota automobile, send me an email stating the Model, Year, Mileage, and Location of Car. I'm plotting these incidences based on feedback from you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mazda Miata Racing

This spring, my father and I, took a 2.5 day autocross class that introduced us to performance driving skills and techniques. This included skidpad, slalom, "hands course", kidney bean course, and emergency steering/land change. After learning these basic skills, we took our knowledge to a course. This autocross course had many turns, slalom sections, and rarely exceeded 50 mph. It was very technical in nature and forced you to find the best lines. This is probably only the start for future racing.